PerPayment Software Reseller Program

(Sales Outsourcing - Revenue Sharing) for Yearly Stable Income

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Software reselling provides all the benefits of owning a software business but without the costs of development. As a reseller of software you get to significantly lower your risks and costs, and just focus on selling. No software expertise is necessary, no development skills are necessary, and no large increase in overhead is required when you resell software.
Why else would someone consider becoming a software reseller?
There is a wide variety of software reselling options. Software reselling includes affiliate programs, SaaS reseller programs, and white-label SaaS reselling, which all benefit the reseller differently. There’s something for every business owner who is interested in becoming a software reseller..

PerPayment provides opportunity to established companies to resell major 4 Tech Platforms .

FAQ 1.) What is PerPayment Software Reseller Program - (Sales Outsourcing - Revenue Sharing) ?

  • Ready tech platforms to sell and make per paid sales conversion $3000
    1.) Watch 4 Tech Platforms - Live Demo of Ad Trading, HR Tech, Fintech, Ratings
  • Major Firms needs to choose any one tech platform from the list below which they wish to perform sales on mutually agreed country location with PerPayment Team
  • PerPayment team will provide below to your firm staff
    1.) PerPayment Sales CRM Access to view real time income analytics
    2.) 24x7 Support for all 4 Tech Platforms
    3.) Email ID of PerPayment Domain for official use only
    4.) 1500 Monthly Sales Leads from Zoominfo of major corporates

Choose any one of the below list four products on Ad Trading, HR Tech, Fintech, Ratings Platform

FAQ 2.) How can my firm join the PerPayment Software Reseller Program - (Sales Outsouricng - Revenue Sharing) ?

It's simple. Follow the below steps

  • Email to PerPayment Sales Outsourcing Team - with your Firm Registration Certificate & Tax ID
  • PerPayment Sales Outsourcing Team will reply to you within 24 hours to confirm your eligibility
  • PerPayment Sales Outsourcing Team provides approval for your firm to join PerPayment Software Reseller Program
  • Configure current bank account of your firm to PerPayment CRM - Click Bank A/C & Transactions
  • Make the yearly Salesforce CRM - Starter, Zoominfo Data & PerPayment Platform Fees

FAQ 3.) How much Major Firms has to invest on per Sales Manager on a yearly basis on PerPayment Software Reseller Program - (Sales Outsourcing - Revenue Sharing) ?

Below is the one time yearly investment 25000 CXO Level Sales Leads Per Year

  • Sales Force CRM - Starter Package - $299 Yearly Per User
  • Zoominfo 25000 Sales Leads - CXO Data - $5000 Yearly Per User
  • PerPayment Yearly Platform Fees $5000
  • One Time Cost - Your firm Sales Manager 2 days mandatory physical visit to PerPayment Mumbai Office for training $2000 which covers Hotel Accommodation Only -Airfare has to be borne by your Firm
  • The Total Your Firms yearly investment in PerPayment Reseller - Sales Outsourcing program come to approx $12299 Per Sales Manager. That's all.

FAQ 4.) How will Your Firm get paid for Sales Revenue through Sales Outsourcing earned and what is the payment frequency ?

  • Post deducting Local Government Tax, Sales Income credit is sent to Your Firm bank account configured in PerPayment CRM
  • On 10th of every month Your Firm will be paid income earned, which is in showing PerPayment Sales CRM

Your Firm can choose any one of below tech platform for Sales Outsourcing and will make 1 Year renewable Sales Outsourcing Contract between his your firm and PerPayment

PerPayment Ads Trading & Performance Marketing

PerPayment Ads Trading Network is similar to paid affiliate marketing, stock trading, crypto trading. In Ads Trading you are putting the money which is paid to major ad networks to market 4 tech products owned by American Ratings - Fintech, HR Tech, Ratings & Ad Network after due diligence with your PerPayment Account Manager and you can via Realtime income analytics

HireKhan Manpower - New Client Onboarding with HireKhan Gold Membership

HireKhan Inc only deals with serious clients who are looking to use HR-related services, There is HireKhan Gold Membership charge will be credited to your HireKhan HK Wallet which new client can use while ordering online resources from the HireKhan Platform.

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American Ratings - Digital CertID

Major Corporate Level - Vendor Management Support/Renewal of UEI Numbers, American Business A-I-R-S Number (Digital Certificate), CXO ProID A-I-R-S Number, Website & Email Secured Seal

Will Your firm have legal contract signed with PerPayment?

Legal contract will be attested by Nortary and approved through Local Government

  • All payments done by Your Firm to PerPayment will be accepted via bank transfer only

Your firm should contact to initiate the revenue sharing model on Sales Outsourcing Contract with PerPayment