Joint Venture Business Model - Apply For Country Level JV

Our Business model is to operate world-wide through country level Joint Venture Partnership & Financial Consortium. The joint venture license sale could be a 5 years, 10 years on lifetime validity, wherein we provide a complete hand holding, operational support and framework to our JV Partners while our JV partners execute and market it.

Financial Consortium would be mutually agreed companies who wish to launch PerPayment for profit and socio economic impact for creation of job, strengthen financial ecosystem and business trust

PerPayment could also be launched by a Consortium of Philanthropists, Financial Institutions, Government & Private Sector in a particular country.

The ABA Joint Venture Partner / Financial Consortium will take the complete ownership of the ABA’s various Tech Product verticals inclusive of viz a viz the - A Fintech Platform for Fund Raising, - HR Tech Platform for Outsourcing and – a Business Credit Rating and Certification.

Advantages of ABA JV

As a country level owner of the ABA
  • All state dealers of the country would come under the purview of the JV partner
  • Complete support and ongoing product enhancement by the ABA to keep up to date with the changing market trends
  • Mitigation of risk through diversification of Funds in various industries that ABA deals in
  • Sure-shot profitability in business concepts that can never be out of demand
Advantages of Financial Consortium
As a country level financial consortium of the ABA
  • Group of members in the consortium would credit mutually fund
  • Internal & External audit of the consortium fund
  • Best marketing agency would be hired for the launch of PerPayment in that particular country
  • The profit would be shared among the consortium members
How Joint Venture Owner / Consortium make money?
  • Investor may choose to buy JV Licence of entire ABA, inclusive of PerPayment, HireKhan, Fundacle and American IRS® Platforms OR
  • Individual JV of either of the ABA Products namely PerPayment, HireKhan, Fundacle and American IRS®
  • Earn Commission from the corporate / SME / Individual participant in consortium on the agreed profit from the launch of PerPayment in that specific country
For further information on PerPayment Joint Venture / To be part of consortium to launch PerPayment in your country please email to

Joint Venture Business Model - Apply For Country Level JV