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What is PerPayment Domain Authority Program?
For Corporate's, .COM & Bloggers globally data is the new oil & PerPayment provide you Ad Network Domain Authority program

Our team will setup our AI Based process on your website which will enable your website to index pages of Fundacle, HireKhan, PerPayment & AmericanIRS on top search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex & Baidu.

Through which without any investment of money / technical effort you can earn milllions through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of Fintech - Fundacle, HR Tech - HireKhan & Business Trust - AmericanIRS Platforms to make money online.

Your unique income link would be placed in AI Based process for SEO on your website for Fundacle, HireKhan, PerPayment & AmericanIRS. In total 25 Million blogs will be placed on your website through PerPayment AI Based process.

You can view in real time every impression,click & payment received through PerPayment View Income Analytics Panel.

On every 1st of the month your bank account is credited with the Income earned after deducting local government income tax.

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Joining PerPayment Domain Authority Program

5 Step Process

  1. Complete this application form with one time setup fees
  2. Setup fees is used to process 25 Million blogs on your website
  3. Every blog posted on your website will have your unique payment link
  4. Our team will contact you to gain access of your website to upload WP Blog's & .php File uploads
  5. Our team will need access to Wordpress Blog & Filezilla FTP Access to your website for limited period only

      Apply - Any Corporate,.COM & Bloggers PerPayment Domain Authority Monetization
Lifetime Contract with PerPayment Inc

Zero Investment. Only one time setup fees
Income : Real time View Income Analytics
Earn Commission upto Rs 35000 per conversion
रु 295000 Setup fees - uploading 25 Million Blogs

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