United States - PerPayment Physical Store Program

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Open PerPayment
Ad Network - United States
Physical Store
in Shopping Mall

5 Step Process

  1. Complete this application form with setup fees for allotment of PerPayment Dedicated Account Manager
  2. Setup fees is used to assign PerPayment Account Manager who will handle your PerPayment Store Opening in Shopping Mall.
  3. PerPayment Account Manager will have detailed PerPayment Introduction Video Call
  4. Based on discussion with your Account Manager you can decide which city and shopping mall you wish to open PerPayment Store
  5. There will be legal contracts signed by your firm and PerPayment with MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)

Citizens of United States are eligible
PerPayment Physical Store Application Form
Earn US$ 3000 per sales conversion

Return On Investment - PerPayment Store in Shopping Mall

Note : For PerPayment Ad Network Platform Fees and Dedicated PerPayment Account Manager who will manage the complete process until your PerPayment Physical Store Starts Operations. you will have to pay online $ 7500