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Brand Registration
For PerPayment - United States
Influencer Marketing Platform

5 Step Process

  1. Complete this application form with one time setup fees for allotment of PerPayment Dedicated Account Manager
  2. Setup fees is used to assign PerPayment Account Manager who will handle your PerPayment Brand - Influencer marketing account .
  3. PerPayment Account Manager will have detailed PerPayment Introduction Video Call
  4. Based on discussion with your Account Manager you can decide on your Influencer Marketing allotment of influencers on PerPayment
  5. There will be legal contracts signed between firm and the influencers before any collobaration

Brands of United States are eligible
Brand Registration - PerPayment
Get the best influencers for collaboration

Note : For PerPayment Platform Fees and Dedicated PerPayment Account Manager who will manage brand collobarations with influencers. you will have to pay online $ 349