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American IRS – A Credit Rating and Business Validation Platform committed to providing the Global Credit Markets Accurate, Timely and Prospective Credit Opinions.

Business A-I-R-S Number – American Ratings™

With the Business A-I-R-S Number along with Financial Business Report Card, verify a company’s credentials and validate the legitimacy of a business.

ProID A-I-R-S Number

The American IRS ProID A-I-R-S Number is a proprietary system developed that assigns a unique numeric identifier, referred to as ‘A-I-R-S Number’, to any individual. A-I-R-S Number is used to verify an Individual Proprietor’s Credentials and Existence.

Bulk Vendor Verification

With the American IRS Bulk Vendor Verification Services, you may now verify the exact operational status of your suppliers, business dealers.

Website & Email Secured Seal

Within today’s competitive world, customers are always looking for website certification before they make online payment.

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